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Benefits of Title Insurance for Brevard Real Estate Transactions

An owner of real property whose interest is insured by an owner's title insurance policy has the assurance that the title will be marketable when selling the property. The title insurance policy protects the seller from financial damage if the seller's title is found to have defects from a prior owner.

The purchaser of real estate needs protection against serious financial loss due to a defect in the title to the property purchased. For a single, one-time premium, a buyer can receive the protection of a title insurance policy - a policy that is backed by the reserves and solvency of the Company. A title insurance policy will cover both claims arising out of title problems that could have been discovered in the public records, and those so-called "non-record" defects that could not be discovered in the record, even with the most complete search.

Real Estate Broker / Agent
The title insurance company and the real estate agent or broker both want to ensure that as many real estate transaction as possible are closed to the satisfaction of all the principals. For the real estate broker, the efficient and safe transfer of title will result in client trust and fulfillment, which could led to future business.

Apart from the security that title insurance offers, most brokers have experienced numerous instances in which title insurance personnel have enabled them to close transactions that otherwise would have been delayed. By helping to avoid delays, Quality Title & Escrow is able to facilitate the job of the real estate broker and to minimize the inconveniences and costs to the homebuyer.

Lender / Bank
A policy of title insurance provides a mortgage lender with a high degree of safety against the loss of security as a result of a title problem. This protection remains in effect for as long as the mortgage remains unsatisfied.

Home Builder / Developer
By providing various title insurance services and information to the home builder, the title insurance industry can and does assist the builder in identifying and evaluating building and use restrictions, easements, etc., in removing title problems that may arise, and in facilitating prompt and needed disbursement of construction funds from the construction lender. All of these services ultimately rebound to the benefit of the buyers of newly constructed homes.

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